This Website

This website was started in 2004 to remember the members of 1st St. Andrews Porthill Scout Group as they were shown on our Memorial.

They are shown as they are commemorated, and in the order they are on the Memorial.

Rev. Frederick W Cleveland MC

Reginald L Showan

Charles J Tilsley

Clarence F Cork

Harold Bailey

Ebenezer Brough

Colin Jackson

Tom Lewis

Joseph Furnival

Charles E Dryhurst

John Tomlinson

Joseph W Simpson

After this website was originally published in 2004, a conversion was had with former Porthill Scout and 50th Bradwell Leader, Don Hickton, who told us about a Scout killed in the Second World War.

Bernard Kendrick

Between December 2011 and May 2012 we found that five of our original 1908 Scouts were also killed in WW1. They too are now remembered here.

Thomas Horrocks Cork

Alfred Ernest Smith

James Harold Strange

Leonard Peacock

Joseph (Joe) Simpson

In June 2012 following an article in our local newspaper about this site and the discovery of more of our Scouts killed in wars, we were made aware of another Scout killed in WW2 by a member of his family.

John William ‘Bill’ Davies

Following on from a conversation in September 2012 with Frank Simpson, who was ‘the pal’ who joined Porthill Scouts from Longport with Bill Davies, two more ex Scouts have been identified as being killed in WW2.

George Brick

Frank Johnson

In October 2012, the book ‘The Wolstanton Roll of Honour’ by Geoff Mayer and Chris Sheldon was published. It includes the four Scouts killed in WW2 mentioned above, but also has another Scout.

Eric John Emery

Following a look at the St. Andrew’s Church Book of Remembrance in May 2014, another one of our original 1908 Scouts was identified as being killed in WW1.

Joseph Matthew Hollis

In the lead up to to the centenary of the end of the Great War in 2018, an effort was made to identify the men listed on the tablets by the War Memorial, the men in the Book of Remembrance not on the tablets, the men listed in the Book of Remembrance from the Second World War and those on the St. Wulstan’s Memorials and they were added to this site.