The Names on the Memorial

As well as the Scouts commemorated in the Book of Remembrance and the tablets outside by the War Memorial, there are the names of the men from the parish who died in the First World War. The men who died in the Second World War are commemorated in the Book of Remembrance only. There is also a Memorial in the Book of Remembrance to the men of St. Wulstans Longbridge Hayes who died in the both wars. All their names are recorded below as written in the Book of Remembrance.

Note: if a name has “S” beside it, this indicates this person was a Scout but is not recorded on the Scout Memorial.
If the name has a “W” beside it, this indicates the person is also commemorated on Wolstanton War Memorial. 1

Those names in blue and underlined contain a link to that man’s page on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s website.

First World War

Adlington, Arthur

Allen, Edward – W

Amos, David

Billington, Leslie – W

Bennett, Frank D – W

Bennett, Harry C – W

Bowler, James W

Barnett, Leonard – W

Bancroft, William

Barley, P Bernard

Bankes, Charles

Bayliss, John – W

Bickerton, Percy

Boulton, H Stanley

Boulton, Harold

Brindley, Adam – W

Cooper, John T – W

Cooper, Edwin

Cork, Thomas H – S

Capper, Alfred

Clews, Charles E

Cartwright, Herbert

Clowes, William C – W

Collett, Henry G

Downs, Aaron

Davies, Arthur H

Dean John C W

Edge, Herbert G – W

Faulkner, Herbert

Fryer, Alfred

Grimwade, Sydney A

Gerrard, Sampson

Green, Colin – W

Holdcroft, Willie L – W

Holdcroft, Eric C

Hill, Horace F

Howlett, Robert

Higgs, Elliot

Hancock, William

Hancock, John

Hancock, Joseph

Handley, Alfred

Henderson, John

Hilton, Albert

Hollinshead, John T

Highfield, Alan

Hassell, Joseph

Hollis, Joseph M – S

Jackson, Alfred

Jennings, John H

Knapper, George T

Latimer, Kenneth

Latimer, Arthur

Latimer, Louis

Littlehales, James

Lockett, Hamlett

Lead, Sidney F

Lockley, H Gordon

Lewis, Thomas

Lloyd, Alfred

Lawton, James

Leese, Frederick

Marsedn, Sidney

Millington, Arthur H

Mann, Benjamin – W

Mills, William

Machin, John

Maskery, Charles

Mitchell, Charles

Mountford, Thomas A

Milward, Ernest

Minshall, John C

Medcalf, Christopher

Mandley, Ralph B

Norris, William E – W

Newton, William

Owen, George – W

Penn, Tom

Potts, William

Prince, George

Platt, John

Parr, T William

Pratt, William

Porter, Leonard – W

Quinton, J Reginald – W

Rigby, Robert

Reeves, Thomas

Ratcliffe, Frederick – W

Reynolds, John

Robinson, Arthur

Rowley, Spencer

Rowley, Rowland

Rowley, Harold C

Rider, A Ernest – W

Raftery, John

Smithson, Ernest

Seabridge, William – W

Seabridge, Harold C S – W

Shaw, Harry

Small, Herbert

Small, Frank

Smith, John – W

Smith, Ernest – S W

Slater, William

Slater, Joseph

Snow, Robert – W

Tyler, Alfred E

Turner, Harold

Turner, W Bertie

Turner, Victor

Tomlinson, Joseph E

Tunnicliffe, Joseph,

Tittensor, William

Wood, Reginald H – W

Wright, Alfred

Williams, Fred – W

Williams, Edward T

Whitehead, Fred

Wild, Arthur

Walker, Levenson

Walwyn, Fred N – W

Walsh, George

Yeomans, Harry

Names on the War Memorial Tablets

The following names are on the tablets that are by the War Memorial, but are not in the Book of Remembrance.

Whitehurst, A Percival 

Soame, Everard B H – W

Biggs, William – on the St. Wulstan’s Memorial

Maskrey, Arthur

Hall, Joseph

Second World War

Allen, Alfred – W

Bailey, Stuart – W

Baldwin, Roger

Brick, George – S

Briggs, Harry

Davis, John – S W

Durber, Jack – W

Emery, Eric – S W

Flowers, John – W

Kendrick, Bernard S – S W

Rhodes, Arthur – W

Stathan, Francis K – W

Rigby, Walter

Savage, Thomas W – W

Shaw, Douglas – W

Stephens, William H

Taylor, Jack – W

Greenhow, Sidney – W

St. Wulstan’s Longbridge Hayes

There were two memorials (WW1 & WW2) in St. Wulstan’s Longbridge Hayes church to men killed in action. St. Wulstan’s was St. Andrew’s sister Church.
Those two Memorials are now in St. Barnabas Church in Bradwell (in the same Parish as St. Andrews). Many names on these two Memorials are on the Porthill one. There is also a separate entry in the Book of Remembrance for men from Longbridge Hayes, although not all the men on the War Memorials are in the Book of Remembrance!

Most are commemorated on the Porthill War Memorial (indicated by a P after their name).

First World War

Frederick Cleveland – P

David Amos – P

Alfred Handley – P

John Henderson – P

Alfred Jackson – P

Colin Jackson – P

James Littlehales – P

William Newton – P

Robert Rigby – P

Joseph Wild

Albert Hilton – P

Ernest Millward – P

William Biggs

William Bancroft – P

(John) Cyril Brown

C Walsh

Second World War

Harry Briggs – P

Harry Hopwood

Alfred Vyse

  1. See the excellent book by Geoff Mayer “Call To War” for all the information on Wolstanton’s Memorial